Battenbang bound

Leaving Siem Reap for Battenbang today. Met Laura and Layla on the bus who had also been staying in the same hostel as me. 

Once we arrived at Battenbang we shared a tuk tuk to the Ganesha hostel.

We dumped our stuff in our rooms and went for a walk to find food. We found a place which had plenty of locals in, so we figured it must be good. It was decent, although there is a lack of coconuts here! 
After waking early and a hot bus ride we were all ready for a lay down, although it’s so hot here none of us napped. I did have a look around the market as I wanted to buy bottles of water, I’m sure I ripped a little old lady off, she told me six bottles were $1.85, so that what I gave her, but she seemed miffed. No one stopped me walking off with them though! 
When we were bored of trying to sleep and it had cooled down slightly we showered (I washed in a bucket) and head out to find more food, picked up another solo female traveler, Laura from Cheltenham. 

We walked along the riverside and took our lives into our hands crossing the road to where the cheap eats were. $1.50 for food is good! 

Found the biggest avocado I’ve ever seen!

We did have a look for a bar to have a few drinks in but this is a really small village so everything seemed shut by about 2100, so we enjoyed some Cambodia beer back at the hostel.

Where we also saved a frog from the kittens.

Early night to explore Battenbang via tuk tuk tomorrow.


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