Bush Tucker Trials

I have finally booked a bus and hostel in my next destination, Battenbang.
What happens after that is anyone’s guess.
I met Aussie Ben for breakfast in the restaurant opposite my hostel, and he suggested the cinema as it was air conditioned and actually showing current movies! So here I am in Cambodia watching Lego Batman! 
When we emerged from the cinema it looked like it had been raining. We had managed to miss the storm! 
We had a little wander around the markets but seeing as neither of us want souvenirs, it gets boring pretty quick. 
People selling insects to eat on the street.

After lunch I met up with Miles and we went back to the cafe with Predator outside to have a chocolate milkshake. 

Here we met Elise from Boston and Miles dragged us to the Bug Cafe, he seems to have a craving for invertebrates since he saw them sold in the street!

I was only partially ready to eat insects. I was still full from lunch and milkshake and had no idea what to expect.

We ordered a platter which had a selection of everything the restaurant had to offer, Spring rolls with ants, which were tasty and you wouldn’t really know there was ants inside, Tarantula samosas, not too bad, and silk worm savory cupcake, which was tasty. 

Miles and Elise managed way more than me, but at least I tried what I could! 
Ben came to join us and Miles left to catch his flight, Ben had heard of a hip hop night in one of the bars on pub street.

Was pretty good, there was even a rapper they had shipped in from the U.K. I had never heard of him before, but it’s not like I’m an avid follower of the U.K. Hip hop scene.

This was my last night in Siem Reap and I am sad to be leaving, I am really enjoying Cambodia so far. 


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