Boring bus journey

The girls and I are leaving Battenbang today, getting the same bus to Phnom Penh then I’m carrying on to the south for the beaches.
It was a pretty horrific journey in that it was a small mini bus, full. Which quickly turned into a sweat box of human.
I still had the dilemma of getting back to Hanoi for my already-changed-once return flight. I couldn’t find a flight that arrived at the airport in decent time for me to get my booked flight, as I only have 15 days visa and the day I’m leaving is day 16. They take these things very seriously I’ve heard. 
I then discovered there is an airport in Sihanoukville, where I’ll be for the next few days, and was able to find a flight back to Haikou on the 3rd March. Saves me trying to figure out which method of transport to get to Hanoi and the risk of being (apparently) jailed for over staying my visa! 
And I get an extra day on the beach!
I said farewell to Laura and Layla at Phnom Pen and alighted the next bus for Sihanoukville.
It’s a 10 hour bus journey from Battenbang to Sihanoukville. Fun times! 
Driving through Phnom Penh, there seems to be a strong Chinese influence, many shop signs are written in Chinese characters and Khmer.

A storm started kicking off during the last part of the journey, the lightning lighting up the whole sky.
Finally arrived in Sihanoukville at about 1930, I had no idea where I was, no wifi to check a map and all tuk tuks seem to have retired from the rain! Luckily an Aussie guy who was the only other westerner on the bus looked up my hostel and flagged down a tuk tuk for me. 

There are good people in the world!
I knew this hostel was going to be very basic, as I only booked it to stay one night because all the boats for koh ta Kiev leave in the morning, and obviously I arrived in the evening.

My greeting, if you can call it that, was almost like I disturbed the guy’s standing around. 
He showed me to my room, which looks like the kind of place people rent by the hour. There’s even a cigarette burn on the toilet seat! The toilet seat! 

I need to eat before settling in and planning my day for tomorrow, so I came back downstairs and started using the internet to find somewhere to eat. This is where the hostel worker decided to actually volunteer assistance and ask if he could help me, although done with a sigh and an air of nonchalance.
He recommended some restaurants and also told me they did food at the hostel, it’s still raining, I’m tired, so I resigned myself to ordering a chicken baguette. After all the rice and fish paste malarkey yesterday I need to go western! 

While I was waiting for my dinner I searched for places to stay on the island I wanted to go to. There are three places to stay on Koh Ta Kiev, as it’s a developing island (which is why I wanted to stay there) ranging from a deluxe £150 a night to a basic £20 a night. £20 a night is still expensive, but staying in a hut on a beach on an island with nothing to do for a few days is very desirable.

Wasn’t a bad sandwich, with some home made fries too! 
By the time I’d finished my sandwich, my next (and last) part of the trip was all booked. 


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