First full day on the island

Woke up in the morning, rolled over and went back to sleep. Because I can! 
When I did eventually emerge from my hut, I found myself a sun shade and read for the morning. 
I found a piece of wood and painted it with ‘Iechyd da’ although they had run out of white paint so it doesn’t look 100% right.

I got chatting to some new arrivals and managed 3 beers in the 30mins challenge! 
Boat trip to jump off elephant rock and watch the sunset.

Most people who jumped, gained an injury, I didn’t jump, because I’m a pussy. But I did have a swim.
The water was really choppy so was difficult to sit in the boat and actually enjoy the sunset.
Back to our bit of the island, noodles, drinks then make my way through the dark to find my hut, almost bumping into a Zebu!
So considering I’m trying to do nothing…it’s not really working!


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