Boat, Taxi, Plane, Plane, Plane, Taxi, Bed.

My new flight back to China had two lay overs, both in Vietnam. Considering I am just landing and getting on another flight you would think it would be simple. 

Oh no!
The staff didn’t know Haikou was in China therefore they thought my middle transfer I was staying, I had to tell them I wasn’t leaving the airport at all in Vietnam and just getting to China.
I went to the transfer desk, as I am getting a transfer flight, they told me to go through passport control. I queued for 20mins for the passport control guy to tell me to go back to the transfer desk. I returned to the transfer desk, they told me I needed to just go to the terminal, which meant going back through passport control, she suggested I just go to a different queue. I explained I was just trying to get to China and they weren’t letting me through passport control. Eventually, after having to explain repeatedly that I am not staying in Vietnam at all, they escorted me to the landing visa desk and put me at the front. They guy took a photo of my email confirmation and I was told to sit and wait. The time is 1550, my flight is at 1800…

At 1610 I received my passport back, paid $25 just to let me pass through the airports in Vietnam. 
It was a pain in the ass. 

This is an example of the non-fun bits of travel! 

Lessons learned. So am back in the passport control queue.
Made it through with enough time to indulge in a Popeye’s chicken burger. Been dying to try this, and there’s nothing like this is China, so have to make the most of the opportunity! Was pretty good! 

I also wanted to stock up on chocolate, right now I was willing to pay £5 for a giant Tolberone. They were over £8, and medium sized! They even had giant bars of my favorite-Cadbury’s Jelly Popping Candy! It was £11. I love it, but not £11 love it! 

Short flight to Da Nang, feeling a little less flustered the closer I get to China! 
Last leg, was invited to the front of the checking desk queue by the staff, and breezed through security this time! 

Finally arrived in Haikou, walked from the International airport to the domestic where all the taxis wait, nearly lost my cab to a pushy Chinese. Three flights will make you quite intolerant of things like this.

Having taken many journeys to and from the airport, even at peak times when it’s most expensive, I know it costs between 60 and 70 Kwai. The driver told me it would be 80. I told him 70. In the end I compromised and gave him 75 which he counted quickly as I was leaving the taxi while the speech bubble above my head was reading ‘money grubbing mother $%@’
I was so grateful to get back to my apartment and fell into bed and promptly passed out! 


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