Day two on Koh Ta Kiev

Woke up and actually got up early this morning as I wanted to read in the hammock.

Quite a few people leaving this morning, new people will arrive later.
After reading for a bit I took a walk to the other beach on this side of the island, and also another hotel, Kactus.

The beach was longer and a little bit cleaner of tree debris. I’m still glad I’m at Last Point. 

Now I’m back in the hammock with no intention of moving for quite some time.
Had some pizza and couldn’t finish it all so boxed up the other half, went back to my room for a sleep before Klang30. 
By the time I got back to the bar there were ants all over my pizza, I’m not ashamed to say, this didn’t deter me, I brushed those buggers off and ate it anyway! Washed down with ‘free’ beer-I made it to 4 today! On a roll! 
Some guys wanted to walk to another hotel on the island, Ten 103, we started walking and didn’t really realize how far away it was. All the way through the jungle to the other side of the island!
Was pretty cool when we got there, sea urchins and sea cucumbers to see if you wanted to snorkel.
Then the walk back through the jungle as the sun was going down.
Darkness fell pretty quickly once we were back, but I wanted to see the phosphorus plankton in the water, so walked to a darker part of the beach to see them. What I didn’t realize is you have to actually swim out into the pitch black water to see them. 
It was amazing and quite freeing, standing in the ocean in the darkness watching it light up around me as I moved. 
When I walked back to the camp there was a beach fire. I love a good beach fire! 

Another full day of doing nothing! 


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