Life back on the other island

First day back in China, some friends coming to view the apartment I’m currently renting, hopefully they will take it as it means I get some money back!
Arranged to meet Marian and Mike for a massage, after the journey yesterday I need some TLC. 
Even though I had topped my phone up as soon as I arrived back in China, it didn’t seem to have gone through so as soon as I was out of my apartment my phone become utterly useless.
So I missed meeting Marian and Mike for a foot rub. Gutted. 
I did go to the American Bakery for a smoothie and chocolate muffin.

Marian and Mike then joined me and we caught up on all our escapades that took place while I was away.
Marian suggested Malaysian for dinner, every meal I’ve had with Marian has been awesome so I’m not gonna say no! 
Then she took us down a weird back alley…

And just casually wandered around an old mansion that had been split up and turned into multiple homes.

This part of town they have decided to create facades for the buildings. So instead of actually restoring them, they are now wearing masks.
After our dinner I asked if I could use Marian’s Chinese speaking skills and Mike’s musical knowledge to help me buy an ukulele, ever since being on the island and watching everyone else with guitars and other instruments, its rekindled my desire to learn something again. The ukulele I figured is ideal as it’s small and easier to travel with than a guitar.

So I’d better get practicing! 


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