Forbidden City

Actually got up in time for breakfast this morning, wanted to try the Chinese version of an English breakfast, basically the same but no baked beans.

Came back up to the room to get dressed and go to the Forbidden City, ended up passing out. The Great Wall ruined us!

We did eventually surface again and took the subway to Tian’ānmén Square. Somehow ended up in an unmoving queue for what, we never found out. 

Consulting the apple map we realized where we needed to be, walking up a road which isn’t sign posted at all, but is lined with people selling souvenirs, so based on this we guessed we were in the right place!

Eventually finding the entrance and ticket office we entered into the Forbidden City.

We splashed out and paid for audio guides, ¥40 each, which worked intermittently, changing languages and stopping halfway through its spiel about the location.

From visiting temples in Taiwan, and some on Hainan, I’m used to being able to go in and take photos. Here, they block off the front entrance where you would be able to take the best photos, so everyone scrambles to take photos from the side doors.

Will has a fascination with builders…

Finally got a look in one of the temples! 

Will once again stopping to watch someone as they work at restoring one of the features.

Took a selfie in front of these two intertwined trees and just after the audio guide stated it was the lovers’ trees. Oops! 

Little statues of various beasts to protect the temple (and to keep the roof tiles from falling off!)

These huge copper or bronze vats were for filling with water back in the day. Now they are used to keep fools like us entertained.

After all this walking around the forbidden city we were knackered and had worked up an appetite. We head back on the subway, realized we had paid more than needed on the way, due to being told by the receptionist in the hostel the journey would cost ¥6 each, but it actually should have cost ¥3.

As we head back to the hostel, Will wanted to stop in a supermarket to get some beer and munchies. He asked if I wanted anything, I told him to surprise me. He comes back with a bag of goodies, I ask him what he bought, he says ‘supplies!’ 

Will fancied dumplings, and we found a place close to our hostel that did dumplings and kung pao chicken. Done! 

Early night as we have to be up early to get our flight to Xi’an.


2 thoughts on “Forbidden City”

  1. My husband and I went there a few years ago and loved it. Your post brought back good memories.
    Why can’t you take pictures from the front entrance? That must be new.
    Enjoy Xian and go see a show at night where they serve dumplings. Ian is famous for its dumplings! You will be in dumpling heaven!

    Safe travels.


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