Up early for our flight to Xi’an, the hostel packed us a bag with our breakfast sandwich. Again, very questionable.

The food on the flight was even more dubious.

I had tried to arrange a pick up from the airport with the hostel but they told me it would cost 240¥ and didn’t book it. So we ended up at the airport wondering where the hell tourist information was and how to not get ripped off by dodgy taxi drivers.
We eventually found tourist information who told us a cab would cost 150¥ which is reasonable when you’ve just come off a flight and just want to get there.
He took us down a market street, and an alley. Now understanding how the hostel got its name, Alley Youth Hostel. The website is not indicative of what to expect either! 

We took a wander around to find somewhere to eat and establish our next move. We are slap bang in the middle of Muslim district, plenty of street food on offer.

We ended up with some steam stuffed buns, which I tried to order in Chinese, but was weirdly refused, Will ordered (pointing and gesturing) and we got them! 
We wanted to plan our next move as we are winging it at the moment, and had hoped we would see the Terracotta Army this afternoon, but all the tours leave in the morning, and the receptionist in the hostel explained the bus is an hour and a half each way and getting a taxi was extortionate. So we figured it was best to see the army tomorrow and actually chill out for a bit today.
So free beers, courtesy of the hostel, game of pool, and attempting to plan…
I caught Will’s jet lag and passed out in the room! 
We did surface again for some more kung pao chicken in the hostel. 

And took a walk to get snacks for the day tomorrow.

In other news. I finally finished Midnight’s Children, I enjoyed the read, didn’t enjoy lugging such a beast of a book around, so am back on the kindle now! 


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