Terracotta Army

Even after our impromptu nap yesterday, we still slept right through the night (although Will admitted after that he woke up thinking the room was flooding!) 

We took a bus to the Army of Terracotta Warriors, met another Westerner, Philip from the Czech Republic, having a holiday in Xi’an.

After reading the guide book inside and out, Will was ready to share his new knowledge.
It is absolutely tipping it down today, luckily this exhibition is covered, just had to walk to the bus, then walk to the exhibit. So we were a bit soggy walking around.
Starting with Pit 3, as the guide book suggests, I think I was pretty impressed with this one alone!

Having completed Pit 3 we made the dash through the rain to Pit 2. I was initially a bit disappointed with this Pit, as all you can see is the covered bits and the bits that have been uncovered are wrecked.

Until I read the information that was dotted further around the excavation, which explained that the warriors and their horses and chariots had been hidden under material mats, then covered in soil, then the whole thing covered up completely. 

Does make you wonder what was going through his head when he was ordering this to be done. Why build all those warriors just to hide them underground?

They had some of the different types of warriors on display, each and every one is individual. 

Most of them are in poses where they would have had weapons in their hands, but wood rots, so they are just left holding nothing.

We braved the rain once more for the grand finale of Pit 1.
We were not disappointed.

It really was incredible to see this hangar filled with statues of individual warriors made of clay.

Definitely glad I came to see this. 

Basically Qin had this entire army made to either protect him in the after life from evil spirits or protect his body while he continued to rule after he died! 
It was found when some farmers went to dig a well back in 1974. Imagine finding that! 
Well, I think Qin had a heck of an imagination to dream this amount of crazy up…inspired me to think of something crazy to leave behind when I’m gone!

Tonight we leave Xi’an and head for Chongqing on the sleeper train. I’ve heard from many people these trains are an experience in themselves so quite looking forward to it. I wonder if I’ll actually get any sleep?
As for the Alley Youth Hostel, I would recommend it for anyone coming to Xi’an. They have plenty of activities within the hostel, decent food, and it’s slap bang in the middle of food streets and easy to access everything. 


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