The sleeper train experience

We boarded the train not knowing what to expect. We had booked soft sleepers and had two bottom bunks in a room of 4. 

We were the only ones in the room!

Some of the duvets were all askew and there was rubbish on the floor. Love it when you come into an unmade room! 

We had our snacks and some beers for our sleeper train party.

The room was tiny, I couldn’t imagine if anyone else was in there with us, plus we stayed up pretty late and would have probably been told to shut it! 
We arrived at our destination later than expected, but that wouldn’t affect our next plan.
We tried to find a hostel so we could rest a bit and book tickets for the boat for the Yangtze River trip. There were no hostels and very little/no English spoken here in Chongqing, this obviously made things a little difficult.
Luckily I have some Chinese friends so I rang them and asked them to translate.
There were no boat trips leaving today, so we booked to go on one tomorrow, then they kept ringing back saying that the class we booked had sold out until it came to being in third class on a Chinese speaking only tour. 
Will had some motion sickness from the train journey so I left him in the hotel room and found a hotel with a receptionist who was learning English. She helped me a lot, although the tour she could find was a little out of our price range. 
So we were back to square one, deciding where to go next.
Sometimes these are the exciting parts of travel as you potentially have the option of going anywhere in the world, unfortunately, on this occasion we are pressed for time so we had to make a decision.
Will suggested we get a train to our next destination, Zhangjiajie, where the avatar mountains are.
So we booked to leave Chongqing at midnight to arrive the next day. 
I went out to get us some street food, and was able to practice the only vocabulary I have, ordering food! 

We checked out of the hotel and walked to the train station, I was only able to book hard sleepers on this train as that’s all that was left. 
Turns out hard sleepers means a triple bunk bed with no door!

Only thing with the hard sleepers is they turn the lights on at 7am, a ridiculous hour to be awake if you ask me! 
We arrived in Zhangjiajie at about 1600. Just rest and get ready to explore the mountains tomorrow…


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