Avatar Mountain

Woke up to Will playing songs on his speaker, telling me there’s a theme to them…all mountain related! 

We haphazardly made our way from bus to bus making our way up towards the mountains.

With no one speaking any English and being sold a map that was basically useless in terms of actually using it to find anywhere.
We started our trek blindly up the hills…

We found monkeys.

You would think up a mountain away from the urban life you might get a little break from technology, but no.

Wifi in the middle of a mountain!
Came to our first stop, a monastery.

Some of the names or translations are a little amusing…we have Kitten Fishing, Commander Crag, and Regretting not having me Earlier. 

In the words of W.R.Goss ‘Holy Mother of Zhangjiajie!’

We were walking along the road, and then a bus came and picked us up and took us to the bottom of the cable car to the top of the mountain.
Not ones to take the easy way around, we walked up the mountain. Will again setting pace like a machine. Me trailing behind listening to my iPod and taking photos at my leisure.

Will waited for me at a stop and let me have a head start, I tried to keep ahead. Nope.

Followed the path around a cliff, as in hanging over a cliff, walking up wire ladders. 

Scary stuff, especially as everything is wet and slippery.
It was starting to get dark, we still had no idea where our hostel was, nevermind how to actually get to it.
We head back down the mountain, Will noticed a path that had been blocked by a fallen tree and someone pointed the way down that path, this took us to a village where we asked some locals to help us. With the power of WeChat and the receipt for the hostel we had booked we were able to get directions and the woman who ran the hostel came to meet us as we were walking down.

I don’t think we would have found this place on our own, in the middle of nowhere is an understatement.
All I wanted was a hot shower and to rest my little legs. We had walked up a mountain after all! 


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