Hong Kong part Two

Good food was needed after last night’s escapades.
Ed took us to a cafe where we met Becky and attempted the recovery process.

We walked through the food markets, not sure if this was the best idea considering our delicate state.

Luckily there was nothing too offensive…if you don’t include the oxtails and pig faces.

Repulse bay seemed a good place to get some fresh air and a walk to blow the cobwebs away.

We walked all the way to the end where there is a really colorful temple. 

Will had put in a request for Thai food for the evening, personally, I’ve never had a Thai meal that was amazing (clearly been going to the wrong places!) so I was definitely up for having a Thai meal to change my mind. And it did.

I let everyone else order as I trusted they knew what they were doing. We had prawn pad Thai, garlic broccoli, beef massuman, and chicken krapow.
Only managed to get a photo of the pad Thai as it was so good we demolished it! 
Becky wanted to introduce us to Asian desserts. Which are unusual to say the least!

Becky’s choice of pumpkin soup was quite savory and could have easily been a starter, very yummy though. Will on the other hand managed to order the most obscure dessert on the menu, sorbet with grass jelly and ‘frog spawn’. 

This was us done for the evening and we all cwtched up on the sofa bed watching The Inbetweeners!
Very early start in the morning to head back to mine and Will’s final port of call, Hainan.


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