Return to Hainan

Reluctantly leaving Hong Kong for our super early flight to Haikou. 

While we were on our tour of China, I had been informed by one of my friends who works at the school I had worked for, that the landlord of my apartment and the police were looking for me! 

Nothing I could do while I was on mainland so I put it to the back of my mind. Now I’m back, I was wondering what to expect, would the landlord have removed all my stuff out onto the street? Would I be arrested on arrival?  
My flat hadn’t been raided, my stuff was all still safe, and although they took their sweet time inspecting my passport, I wasn’t tackled to the ground by the police as I entered the country! 
We went for sushi, as I’d missed it, and wanted something that wasn’t fried or boiled, then went to meet Marian who took us for Hainan noodles and then a massage.

These particular noodles are served cold with a delicious room temperature sauce, pickled vegetables and dried meat. Super yum and super cheap, about 70p a bowl! 
Marian has told me about the Heaven and Earth massage on many occasions, and now I finally had the opportunity to experience it for myself.
She arranged for us to be in a room together, Will and I having massage while she indulged in a pedicure, and was told off for wearing flip flops all the time by the pedicurist. 

We lay on these adjustable beds, one lady massages your face and head with what feels like a crayon. Rubbing the lymph nodes around the eyes, then running the ‘crayon’ through our hair, all over the scalp. This alone was indeed heaven!

Another lady massages your hands and arms, releasing the tension.

While all this is going on our feet are soaking in a tub of warm water to get them all soft. I still have blisters from the mountain walking so any foot action is painful, but I know it’ll do me good!

At one point, they started cupping my feet. I’ve never had this done before and was really curious. It was painful on my left foot, I kept pulling my foot away much to the annoyance of my masseuse! 
She then found my blisters and went a little softer! 
So scalp is being massaged, neck, shoulders, part of my back. A hot oat back placed under my neck. Feet cupped and rubbed, lower legs (my calves are still tight as), thighs, arms were done twice. Once all this was done I thought it was over, but then we were asked to turn over and had a back massage too. At one point her knees were in my bum cheek. This bit was really painful! 

We were thoroughly rubbed up the right way. All this for about £12! 

Although you are supposed to take it easy after a massage and drink only water to cleanse the system, we were in an area where the western bar was that serves one of my favorite beers, so we head to Milli’s for an alcoholic coffee and hot chocolate then next door to introduce Will to Mr Nice bar.
Me-me the cat was after cuddles!

A few pints of Asahi and a free shot of Bailey’s topped with vodka from one of the owners and I was done! 


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