Last night in Haikou

Apart from spending the day packing which isn’t very exciting to write about, I arranged to meet some friends for one last meal to see me off.
We went for hot pot. 

I think it was the lowest spice, which means you can eat and eat and eat, then all of a sudden your mouth starts burning! (That’s what tends to happen to me anyway!)
To cool off we went for a fresh fruit juice and I was treated to some souvenir mosquito bites.

Will and I tried to get some sleep as his flight back to U.K. is obviously stupid o’ clock in the morning.

So Will is heading back to the U.K., with a bunch of my stuff that I thought I would need to live here.
My next destination is Singapore.

Now I’m actually leaving, it’s kind of sad. Haikou was my home for a few months, I made friends and connections here. 

I just couldn’t settle, maybe once I’ve seen more of the world I may feel ready, but for now, the world is out there and I need to see it. 


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