Now, the only reason I have ended up in Singapore is because when I was booking flights from Haikou to Bali, Singapore was a stopover. Never one to miss an opportunity to actually stopover, I decided to stay here a few days. 
After the non-stop two weeks around China, I am pretty exhausted (good exhausted though!) and was almost dreading Singapore as it seemed to be a fast paced place and I wanted to chill for a bit.
As it turns out, Singapore is everything. 
I updated my travel plans on Couchsurfing and had quite a few people offer me tips and guidance for the best things to see and do here.
So, on advice I received from a local, I came to the Gardens by the bay.

I had also seen on instagram about marina bay, an infinity pool that over looks the city. I could see a deck from where I was and went round most of the building looking for a way in and up to the top.

I didn’t make it to the pool (plus I wasn’t exactly dressed for it!).

It’s $23 to visit the sky deck. I know I’m trying to be a little more frugal now, but what’s the point in coming here if I’m not gonna make the most? 

I was just in time for the light show. There was a lot going on at once, fans of water with images projected onto them, music, lasers…it was all kicking off!

There’s a bar on the sky deck, so, already on a roll of spending extortionate amounts of money, I treated myself to a $16 Tiger beer! So worth it.

I had been chatting to a guy off Couchsurfing, Nizer, who offered to show me good places for food. Apart from a few crisps at the airport at about 8am, I hadn’t actually eaten all day, which was not like me at all! 
Nizer took me to a Muslim restaurant on the east coast, although I wanted to try Malay food, there wasn’t a huge choice in this particular place so I just opted for chicken noodles (the picture looked like the chicken noodles you can get from the Chinese take away back home!).

They were pretty damn good! Nizer did offer to take me for a Malay breakfast in the morning but said he wouldn’t be eating as he was fasting. I’m not so cruel as to eat in front of someone who isn’t eating, plus I get breakfast at the hostel, so making the most of that!
Absolutely shattered, I tried my best to be quiet as I’m in a shared room. I’ve been so used to living out of a tiny backpack that having an actual case has thrown me off and I have no idea where I put everything inside it! 
They have U.K. electric sockets here, which is awfully annoying when you have a Chinese one and you just sent the three U.K. chargers back to the U.K. With your friend. 

Once again. I flop into bed tired and happy. 


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