When Will came to China-Highlights

Starting with the most epic weather ever known in Beijing for the Great Wall of China. A life long dream of mine I can now say is ticked off the bucket list.

Enjoying Peking duck in the place it originated.

Trying to get the audio guide to work in the Forbidden City.

Experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Muslim quarter street food markets in Xi’an.

Getting soaked to the skin while checking out a despotic emperor’s desire to rule the afterlife with pottery. 

Not sleeping on the sleeper train…

Finally getting some decent street food in Chongqing. 

Changing our plan last minute and going on a hard sleeper train which turned out to be a better night sleep than the soft sleeper!

Climbing an inordinate amount of steps through the mist in Zhangjiajie mountains. 

Sleeping overnight in an airport for the first time.

Shown all sides Hong Kong has to offer with Becky and Ed.

Finally arriving in Haikou.

What a whirlwind couple of weeks! 


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