Exploring Singapore

I’m staying in a shared female dormitory in Coziee Lodge. When I first arrived there was only one bed occupied so I was hoping that it would be pretty empty.
When I got back after dinner last night there were a few more occupants. Only 4 including me which isn’t so bad. The air conditioning is on over night, but one of the girls thought it also best to have the fan on too.
 I was freezing! 
Made worse by the fact that when I left the room the heat would hit me like a wall. 
I did get some sleep, and this is the kind of stuff to be expected at hostels. 

I wanted to find out where the hawker centers were so I knew where I could eat cheaply.
I found them, they looked pretty cool, but for now I needed a place with wifi so I could budget and plan the rest of my trip now I’m officially a nomad.
I found a cafe called Bravery Cafe, close to the Kampong Glam area. 
The all-male staff seemed to be big Mariah Carey fans, blasting her greatest hits and singing along! 

The prices here are similar to eating in a cafe back home, so not too extortionate. When my food came, I was actually shocked at the amount of smoked salmon they had stuffed into the ciabatta! 

Had a bit of a panic when I couldn’t access my savings account. My whole To-Do list was based on my being able to actually see how much money I had to play with! 

As there was nothing more I could do at this point I walked towards the Kampong Glam area to see some sights.

I found the Parkview Square, a building that looks like something straight out of Gotham City.

There was an art exhibition on inside, On Sharks and Humanity.
A collection of artists had teamed up with WildLife in spreading the message about killing sharks for things like shark fin soup.

Really enjoyed this exhibition. Probably because it was about saving a misunderstood and endangered animal. Made me think again about volunteering, probably not this side of June, but definitely when I come back traveling again.
I then explored Arab street, the smell of Indian food is intoxicating, and the whole area, although it was described to me as ‘hipster’, I would just say ‘arty’. 

All walked out, I went back to the hostel to shower and have a nap and wait for the banks at home to open.
Once I had contacted them and moved some money I could relax a little, and went for a massage! 

Massages are cheap out here by U.K. Standards, so I like indulging. Plus actually carrying big bags around now is making me ache! 
I went to a place called Green Apple, they have multiple relaxing chairs in one room facing a giant screen with a film projected onto it (Riddick wouldn’t be my choice of film to relax to by any stretch of the imagination!) 
An hour and a half later he had pummeled away my pain (and created more!) it was then time to go see Beauty and the Beast with Nizer. 
After the film we went to Little India.

It was my last night in the hostel tonight, I was supposed to be staying with a Couchsurfing host but he kept changing the times so in the end I looked for a private room in a hostel, and found it was about the same to stay in a hotel with a pool! 


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