Last day in Singapore

I had big plans for today, I wanted to take a walk in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and climb to the highest point of Singapore through the rainforests. I also wanted to take a visit to Sentosa island to maybe chill on the beach. Singapore Art Gallery, as its close to my hotel, last minute hawkers for food…
Ah! Best laid plans! I ended up not getting to sleep til gone 3am which resulted in me not wanted to get up when my alarm went off four hours later. 
So I ended up sleeping until noon, when I did eventually surface I did make my way to the Art Gallery only to discover it was closed for re-installation. 
In the end Nizer picked me up and took me on a mini tour. First stop was Bukit Chandu, a museum displaying the history of when the Japanese invaded Singapore.

Nizer then took me to a rainforested part of the area.

Found a HUGE spider.

It’s a little surreal being up in amongst all the trees, literally in the middle of the rainforest, but you can look out onto the industrial port, or the high rise buildings.

I was then taken to the Universal Studios. I’ve never been to any of the Universal Studios anywhere in the world, so even though we didn’t go in to go on the rides or anything, it was still something definitely worth seeing.

I’ve been diverse and tried most foods Singapore has to offer, but my belly was craving pizza. Saturday night is still Saturday night no matter where you are in the world! 


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