So long Singapore

Well, considering I wasn’t that fussed on coming here, I think I’ve fallen in love with this country.

The weather is good, it’s got art, it’s got all types of food imaginable, it’s clean, they take the environment into consideration…the list goes on.
So, after sleeping through my alarm and leaving the hotel in a blind panic and leaving a book I was reading behind (I was also using my Ankhor Wat ticket as a bookmark, the one with the hideous photo of me on!) gutted. The book I can probably find a copy of when I return home, my main concern was that if I left that behind, what else did I leave?
Nizer came to the rescue and picked me up from the hotel to take me to the airport.

When I booked my flight to Bali, it left Singapore at 0920, when I got to the airport it showed on the board as 1010, once I went through to the departure lounge, it changed to 1030. Not a huge deal, but just a bit odd, when I asked the staff why it kept changing he said I booked my flight so early it had changed since. Surely I should have been sent an email telling me this? (Maybe then I wouldn’t have left my book behind!) 
Changi Airport is full of stuff to see and do, unfortunately, even though the flight times had changed, it wasn’t enough for me to take full advantage! 
Arrived in Bali safe, and late, couldn’t find the driver I had booked, no wifi connection to get in touch with him. The information desk let me use their phone, he was still there waiting for me, bless.
Laura, Layla and I have been reunited! 

Shown around the villa, had a dip in the pool and a beer while we caught up and what we’d all done since I saw them last in Cambodia.

Once we ran out of beer we head out to a nearby restaurant. Seeing as I’m in Indonesia, the obvious choice is to have chicken satay. It was nice, but I’ve made better myself.

We took a taxi into Canggu to go to Old Mans, a pub/club. 

Played drinking games until it was time to find somewhere to dance it off.

At this point, the bar names are eluding me, but there was a Reggae band.

Time for some midnight snacks.


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