Road trip

Car all packed up and ready to set off to explore the rest of New Zealand.

First stop was lake Tekapo.

The pictures don’t do it justice, it was spectacular.

The next stop was lake Pukaki.

The water was crystal clear. The sun shone off it like diamonds. It was a ‘yoga by the lake’ kind of moment!

I probably could have sat here all day, however we had more touring to do.
Our first camping site was in Twizel, a tiny village which seemed built for the sole purpose of providing land for campers to stay on. 

Our brand new (cheap as) tent pitched and ready, we went to find out what Twizel had to offer. A playground.

We stopped acting like kids long enough to go to the supermarket and stock up on budget food. Couscous, tuna and salad! Yum! 

I have discovered the wonders of New Zealand chocolate. After months in Asia where chocolate sucks, Whittaker’s is a god send, although not to good on the wallet or waist…

We were in our sleeping bags by 8pm, probably didn’t get to sleep until well after that, as we did do a bit of planning for the next few stages of the trip and that always gets me excited! 


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