Tramping is what the Kiwis call hiking. We couldn’t have picked a better day, the rain was slashing down, the wind was whipping up. It was awesome! 

We pretty much got soaked through and head back to camp for lunch, a hot shower and me making Laura watch Twin Town. 
After disturbing Laura with some Welsh culture we went to play in the steampunk playground next door to our campsite.

All this playing made us thirsty so we head to Scott’s Brewery, indulged in a pint of ‘Vienna’. Went down rather nicely.

We met up with two people off couch surfing, one was a resident in the north island and invited us to stay with here when we head up there. Bonus!

Back in camp I put together ‘campsite fajitas’. A budget twist on my favorite! 

The blue penguins were due to make an appearance at the end of the harbor near where we are staying.

Can’t see much in the pic, but they were there, waddling and jumping up the rocks to make their way to their burrows for the night. We were watching them and Laura heard a snort behind us, there was a seal laying on the jetty right behind us! 


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