Leaving the campsite in Oamaru this morning, we passed a cafe that sells penguin burgers…

First stop, not far down the road is the Moeraki Boulders. 

Not being funny, but these things are Stonehenge freaky. These rocks look nothing like any other rock in the vicinity! 

Shortly after that was Shag Point.

There were no shags. 

But there were seals. We watched as a seal climbed up the rocks to get to his sunbathing spot.

We put on our charity-tunes and set off to Dunedin.

Going old school with our cassettes! 

Arrived in Dunedin as the clouds crept over and started to rain.

Didn’t stop the little v-formation on planes flying around for apparently no reason!
First impression of Dunedin, reminds me of Bristol. Art on the buildings and a good vibe.

Our hostel, the Geeky Gecko, has Alien in the reception.

We’re in a mixed dorm room, which I have never done on my own. 
Our first quest was to find ice cream, I’ve been in New Zealand a week now and been told the ice cream is great and not tried it!

We were then very good and walked to South Dunedin, in the rain, to Pak N Save (the Makro of New Zealand) to buy veg for a soup…

…we may have fallen by the wayside slightly…


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