Dunedin to the Catlins

There’s a Cadburys World in Dunedin, it didn’t escape us!

We weren’t allowed to take our phones in to take pictures-making chocolate is top secret! 
We were given a bar or chocolate in each room. New Zealander chocolate.

We were informed (by the Cadbury World guide) that the train station in Dunedin is the second most photographed landmark in the world. The first being Sydney Opera House. We dutifully had our picture taken with it…

It was then time to leave Dunedin, and head for the Catlins.

Didn’t take long until we found a scenic route and walk.

Everytime we stop somewhere I’m always glad we did. Everywhere is awesome and unique.

This is Tunnel beach, as the only way to get to the beach is through a tunnel! Ingenious.

We had been tipped off by a fellow traveler, Callum, who was driving around the country in the opposite direction, that Cannibal Bay was a good spot for getting pretty close to the sea lions.

We had planned to stay in a campsite on the other side of this beach point, Newhaven, but when we turned up it was closed. The closest place was Surat Bay Lodge.

We took a romantic walk on the beach as the sun went down…


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