The Catlins

Oh how silly we are! Starting the day with a jog along Surat Bay. Finding bull sea lions and oyster catchers as we ran.

Sea lion tracks.

This sea lion was way closer in real life! He was huge! Photo does not do it justice and I’m not into disturbing wildlife to get the ‘perfect’ shot!

I think we ran/jogged/walked about 2.5 miles, not bad going, and way more fun than the gym. (Especially with the risk of being chased by a seal!)
Jack’s Blowhole was on the next peninsula over.

We didn’t get down onto the beach, so I’m not entirely sure how the water gets to this blowhole as it’s about 100m inland. 
From coast to forest, Purakaunui falls were hidden away through a dense woodland.

We took it in turns to slip over the rocks to get the ‘by the waterfall’ picture. 
I had a little dance on the rock. As you do. (Yes, it was the Carlton dance.)

I was going to save my chocolate from Cadbury world for when I was stuck in a part of the world where they don’t have chocolate. (There are such places.) 
Who was I trying to kid? Me? Save chocolate! Ha! 

My chocolate Fish was demolished. What is it with the Kiwi’s and marshmallow?
We had a bit of a dodgy moment where we were running low on fuel and the nearest town was quite a way, so we detoured to Papatowai. Where……they hadn’t had a fuel delivery that day! 
There was a Curios Gallery and a food van to take our minds off the lack of petrol.

I pushed the button. Nothing happened. Talk about anti-climax.

Indulged in some hot food, seeing as we had jogged this morning!
A Kiwi take on Pad Thai…

Or noodles wrapped in an omelette.
There was another part of the Curios Gallery that cost $5 to explore. We were in two minds, so we rolled the deciding die. Die said no. Niagara Falls instead.
Ummm…this was some sort of surveyor joke. As the ‘falls’ was more like a puddle. 

This was it. I kid you not.

We found petrol in Tokanui.
From there we drove to Slope Point, which is the ACTUAL southern most point of New Zealand.

Doubled back on ourselves so we could stay at Porpoise Bay.

Our car has taken a beating on the dusty gravel roads.

Walked to the Petrified forest where there are also penguins.

We saw one as we arrived but everyone crowded around him and sat in front of their burrows so we didn’t see anymore. Damn tourists!

Enough excitement for one day!


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