Nothing like starting your day with a walk along a beautiful bay. Enhanced by the appearance of dolphins! (I have no photos as I was phone free during the walk).

Headed for Bluff which is also said to be the most southern point of the South Island. 

Picked up some hitchhikers along the way.

Just for the record, these weren’t complete strangers, we had met them the previous night in the kitchen area of the campsite. Two German boys hitchhiking around New Zealand.

We dropped them at a crossing as they are northbound.
Fish and chips time in Bluff, or, in my case the biggest sausage ever!

My fascination with giant foods continues.
This drive wasn’t particularly scenic, but we did find one little viewpoint at Te Waewae.

Possum lodge is our home for this evening, right next to Lake Manapouri.
As Easter is coming up we wanted to make sure we were able to camp in our next destinations, so the intention was to plan and book accommodation. Then trivial pursuit happened.

We were productive eventually, stayed in the lounge area of the lodge for as long as possible, listening to the rain which we could soon be sleeping in.


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