The furthest point of the southern island so far is Farewell point. 
We stayed in Motueka, drove through the mountains to Farewell spit.
We took on the walk to get as far down the spit as possible…probably a mistake as we are amateur ‘walkers’ and this was a loooong walk! 

There was risk of quick sand while in the dunes, which I found entertaining, especially after getting caught in it twice! 

Needless to say, we were done in after this walk! 
So coming back to the third flat tyre in three days was a pain! 

We were rescued by a guy from Nottingham who was a mechanic working in the cafe up the road! 
We had planned to have a night out when we arrived in Nelson, so we were on a mission to get there! 
We made it! 

After camping for nearly three weeks, we treated ourselves to a cabin with an actual bed! Dolled ourselves up for the first time since Christchurch! 
Found an aptly named bar that was still open (they have weird closing times here!)

Somehow made it to another bar.

Bit of live music and dancing! 
We didn’t see much of the next day.
Only movement made was getting out of bed to take the pizza off the delivery guy. 


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