Brooklyn, shopping, sight seeing, pub.

Brooklyn felt more ‘New York’ to me, busier, ruder, and grittier.
I dragged everyone to see the building where ‘Brooklyn 99’ TV show is filmed from the outside. It was 27 degrees.

I was happy now. 

Onward to Brooklyn Bridge! Through Wall Street.

Got a bit caught up with the eclipse crowd. 

We stopped to try and see the eclipse for ourselves, and I indulged in food out of a van. If it’s good enough for the New Yorkers…

Burrito. My favourite. 

Obviously can’t see the eclipse in the photo, but it’s there. 

Shopping happened. I’m not a fan myself, and there’s nothing interesting to take photos of. So I got a milkshake from a little chocolate shop.

Back to some sight seeing. Empire State was up next! 

New York public library next, I geeked out a little here as the film ‘Ghostbusters’ used this building!

Behind the library, in Bryant Park, an outdoor film screening was taking place. I had wanted to do one of these, until I saw the crowd at this one! 

Back through Times Square.

Peter had to take a pic of his favourite eatery…

And then we found Gray’s Papaya, as featured in ‘Fools Rush In’. It’s cheap and good for New York. $2.50 for a hot dog. 

That’s what over ten miles of walking around New York looks like. 


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