Girls day

We’re big ‘Friends’ fans, so we paid the building that is used for outside shots a visit.

Photobombed by a random! 
Followed by a big gay ice cream. Nothing to do with the ‘Friends’ theme but there’s a unicorn licking a rainbow ice cream on the window. Need I say more?

Ok, so I had a milkshake not an ice cream, which seemed to cause dismay to the girl serving who asked if the reason I was having a milkshake was because I was watching my figure. Yes, I am watching my figure…watching it expand! 
Walked it off through Times Square. 

Finding restrooms in New York is a problem, you are essentially forever into buying food in a cafe or restaurant just to pee. Although it can sometimes work in your favour as after all the walking you can have a sit down and enjoy a cold drink and the air conditioning, and even pick up some hints off the waiting staff. 
So a shout out to our waiter who tipped us off about ‘rush tickets’ for Broadway shows. We paid $55 each for $75 tickets for Miss Saigon.

Back out into the now wild Times Square.

Yup. This happened.

Didn’t want to leave the Disney store, we peeled ourselves away to finally return to the hotel. We’d been up and about since 6am and got back after 10pm! 


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