Flash sight seeing

After a day of chilling in Central Park we are now ready for some extreme sight seeing. 

But first, lunch. Back in the white horse tavern in Greenwich. I was so hungry I didn’t even take a photo of the food for blogging purposes! 

The High Line is a short walk away, an old set of tracks elevated above the streets from the days where the meat packing district was an industrial hub.

It’s like a little breath of fresh air running through a slice of the city. 
A few blocks away was Madison Square Gardens. It was the wrong season to see a basketball game here, but still worth a visit to the venue.

This was meant to be a photo of the sculpture outside Madison Square. It just looks like I took a picture of a random who doesn’t look happy! 
On a mission, the Rockefeller Plaza next!

This is the Square where they put the giant Christmas tree seen in ‘Home Alone 2’. With it not being Christmas, there’s just a little market.

Next stop…it’s Grand…it’s Central…

I had a quick stop off at The Met.

Quick freshen up and back out for a comedy night.

If anyone is planning on visiting New York, I would strongly recommend a comedy evening. I was in stitches! Nothing like a good giggle! 


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