Moscow day two

Went back into the city and visited Gorky Park. A giant area to escape the city. Over winter becomes a giant ice rink. And now, in spring, roller skaters everywhere, walkers, dogs, kids climbing up bridges.

The sweetness of doing nothing. Just enjoying being, walking, people watching. No pressure, just taking it all in.

I realised there was a Couchsurfing English language group meeting that afternoon, so I messaged them to join them.

There were a few characters there, and a very handsome Russian, who I obviously was not paired with. Gutted.

Instead I had to experience language learning like speed dating with one guy who had no hobbies, just work, and then refused to talk about his work, and another guy who looked like Ron Jeremy, but was more interesting and even gave me ideas of where to travel to next!

It was exhausting! And it’s my first language! Crazy!

I made my way back to where I was staying via the metro, where, let’s face it, they put our little London Underground to shame. Chandeliers, mosaics, statues. It’s all going on underground here!

Some of these are Saint Petersburg, just thought I’d include it all in one place!


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