Can’t believe we have nearly seen the whole of New Zealand! 
We finished off the Coromandel by hugging some Kauri trees. Some of these trees have been here for thousands of years so they are doing their best to conserve them.

Hugging them was my contribution to conservation.
Currently exploring the northlands, where there are a few sparsely populated villages.
Our first stop was Omamari, on the West coast. We stayed at a campsite overlooking the Kaiiwi lake.

After a pretty rough nights sleep in the back of the car (the temperature is starting to drop!) we head to another Kauri forest. We weren’t allowed to hug these trees.

These pictures can never show the sheer size of these giants.

From the Kauri forest we head up the coast to Maunganui Bluff. I took a walk on the beach and Laura explored the mountain. We both got soaked to the skin, I was wind and sand beaten, Laura covered in mud. The signs of a good walk! 

We dried off best we could in the car and continued north. 

We stopped in Opononi and found the only campsite available. This is where we learned there are very few towns. Luckily we had enough food to last until we found a store! 

At least there’s plenty of drinking water for us! 


Another amazing vista on our drive to Gisborne at Tūtira Lake.

One of the upsides to staying in a Top 10 campsite is they usually have a jumping pillow…

After exerting most of our energy bouncing around like kids we took on the challenge of walking the length of Poverty Bay.

It’s the equivalent to November weather here, but that didn’t stop us having a sea swim.

We ended walking over 10 miles and we still didn’t make it to the end of the beach!


Camping life, I don’t even know how long we’ve been sleeping rough for! 

Wanaka has ice cream and lakes to offer.

Took an easy tramp around the lake (made it harder on ourselves by walking on the pebbles and shingle!)

Me attempting The Little Mermaid pose on a rock!

All the autumnal colors are bright as!

Around Dunedin

Really childish, but I decided I wanted my navel re-pierced. The only place to get this done in Dunedin is Black Sheep.

Drove around Harrington Point to take in the scenery.

Dragged ourselves away from our sunkissed surroundings to make our budget lunch/dinner.

Then it was time for my first rugby game.
The Americans we met in the hostel were joining us too.

Was another awesome day/night!

Road trip

Car all packed up and ready to set off to explore the rest of New Zealand.

First stop was lake Tekapo.

The pictures don’t do it justice, it was spectacular.

The next stop was lake Pukaki.

The water was crystal clear. The sun shone off it like diamonds. It was a ‘yoga by the lake’ kind of moment!

I probably could have sat here all day, however we had more touring to do.
Our first camping site was in Twizel, a tiny village which seemed built for the sole purpose of providing land for campers to stay on. 

Our brand new (cheap as) tent pitched and ready, we went to find out what Twizel had to offer. A playground.

We stopped acting like kids long enough to go to the supermarket and stock up on budget food. Couscous, tuna and salad! Yum! 

I have discovered the wonders of New Zealand chocolate. After months in Asia where chocolate sucks, Whittaker’s is a god send, although not to good on the wallet or waist…

We were in our sleeping bags by 8pm, probably didn’t get to sleep until well after that, as we did do a bit of planning for the next few stages of the trip and that always gets me excited! 


From Twizel we are heading to Oamaru, home of penguins and Steampunk.
On our drive there we stopped to see some Maori cave drawings.

The rocks were more interesting than the drawings, plus they’ve removed the ‘best’ ones to put in a museum!
Onward to Oamaru as the rain set in, we found a charity shop, where our original intention was to buy some tapes, yes, tapes of music. The radio in the car is very intermittent and Laura and I enjoy a sing song. We got a bit carried away and ended up buying loads! It was so cheap though! We could have packed out our car from this charity shop!
We didn’t come all this way just for a bargain, there’s steampunk sights to be seen!

And yellow eyed penguins to find.

We found a teeny tiny caterpillar, seals, cormorants and two yellow eyed penguins.

We got to our tent just before the rain started!