A pretty, sh***y city

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence, took some time to chill out and get used to being back home.
Also, to me, the whole point of writing and publishing it is that there is something interesting to actually write about. Me lounging around in a hammock soaking up the limited UK sunshine does not make for a riveting read! 


That’s not to say I did absolutely nothing, there’s been a few summer fayres and events, like the Natural Living Expo, held in the National Botanical Gardens of Wales. 
The venue always worth a visit, even in the Welsh weather. 

I conquered the hay maze! Also received an unusual back massage whilst laying on my back. I was in bits the next day, in a good way.
The whole event consists of plenty of stalls, all centred around natural living and health, mental and physical. All put together by the Old Mill foundation.
A more local event was the Gower Chilli festival. Celebrating the many ways you could possible add chilli to anything, I like chilli but draw the line at it being in cake, beer or gin. But that’s just me! 

My favourite event of the ‘summer’ in Swansea so far has been the outdoor screening of ‘Twin Town’. A movie set and filmed in Swansea. Everyone who was of age at the time it was released knows the words off by heart, and after 20 years the city celebrated its anniversary by having a movie screen placed in Singleton park, a band playing songs featured in the film, and even the Welsh Male Voice Choir as a grand finale.





North Island – Wellington

I can’t call it jet lag as we haven’t flown, but 4 weeks of camping seems to have knocked us for six!
We basically ate Wellington, we had burgers, Mexican, Japanese, aaaannd ice cream. There was no money saving happening here! 

The only other buildings we set foot in was the library (I have a thing for libraries, plus it had free wifi and it’s a nice place to chill out) and the museum.

The walkways by the marina were pretty interesting with sculptures and art.

We spent three nights in Wellington, then moved on up the west coast to Hawera. 

Brief encounter with Bali

We started our day with breakfast in the Remix Juice bar, I had to try what they called ‘Nice Creamz’. 

I’m still not entirely sure what exactly went into it, but it tasted good, and is healthy and vegan! 
We had hoped to get a massage in today, the place we tried, twice, first told us they opened at 12 (the sign on the door says 10am) the second time they told us they could only do two of us which is useless when you’re a group of three. So they clearly didn’t want our money. 
We came to Warung dua to grab our last meal together (sniff).

On the walk back to the villa, there was another massage place, they were more than happy to rub our little feet! 

Boring packing, followed by a swim (we had packed our bikinis so, a skinny dip). 

We said farewell to Layla as she makes her way to Canggu for a few days before heading back to the U.K

Meanwhile Laura and I are onto greener pastures, in the form of New Zealand…


So long Singapore

Well, considering I wasn’t that fussed on coming here, I think I’ve fallen in love with this country.

The weather is good, it’s got art, it’s got all types of food imaginable, it’s clean, they take the environment into consideration…the list goes on.
So, after sleeping through my alarm and leaving the hotel in a blind panic and leaving a book I was reading behind (I was also using my Ankhor Wat ticket as a bookmark, the one with the hideous photo of me on!) gutted. The book I can probably find a copy of when I return home, my main concern was that if I left that behind, what else did I leave?
Nizer came to the rescue and picked me up from the hotel to take me to the airport.

When I booked my flight to Bali, it left Singapore at 0920, when I got to the airport it showed on the board as 1010, once I went through to the departure lounge, it changed to 1030. Not a huge deal, but just a bit odd, when I asked the staff why it kept changing he said I booked my flight so early it had changed since. Surely I should have been sent an email telling me this? (Maybe then I wouldn’t have left my book behind!) 
Changi Airport is full of stuff to see and do, unfortunately, even though the flight times had changed, it wasn’t enough for me to take full advantage! 
Arrived in Bali safe, and late, couldn’t find the driver I had booked, no wifi connection to get in touch with him. The information desk let me use their phone, he was still there waiting for me, bless.
Laura, Layla and I have been reunited! 

Shown around the villa, had a dip in the pool and a beer while we caught up and what we’d all done since I saw them last in Cambodia.

Once we ran out of beer we head out to a nearby restaurant. Seeing as I’m in Indonesia, the obvious choice is to have chicken satay. It was nice, but I’ve made better myself.

We took a taxi into Canggu to go to Old Mans, a pub/club. 

Played drinking games until it was time to find somewhere to dance it off.

At this point, the bar names are eluding me, but there was a Reggae band.

Time for some midnight snacks.

Last day in Singapore

I had big plans for today, I wanted to take a walk in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and climb to the highest point of Singapore through the rainforests. I also wanted to take a visit to Sentosa island to maybe chill on the beach. Singapore Art Gallery, as its close to my hotel, last minute hawkers for food…
Ah! Best laid plans! I ended up not getting to sleep til gone 3am which resulted in me not wanted to get up when my alarm went off four hours later. 
So I ended up sleeping until noon, when I did eventually surface I did make my way to the Art Gallery only to discover it was closed for re-installation. 
In the end Nizer picked me up and took me on a mini tour. First stop was Bukit Chandu, a museum displaying the history of when the Japanese invaded Singapore.

Nizer then took me to a rainforested part of the area.

Found a HUGE spider.

It’s a little surreal being up in amongst all the trees, literally in the middle of the rainforest, but you can look out onto the industrial port, or the high rise buildings.

I was then taken to the Universal Studios. I’ve never been to any of the Universal Studios anywhere in the world, so even though we didn’t go in to go on the rides or anything, it was still something definitely worth seeing.

I’ve been diverse and tried most foods Singapore has to offer, but my belly was craving pizza. Saturday night is still Saturday night no matter where you are in the world! 

Hong Kong part Two

Good food was needed after last night’s escapades.
Ed took us to a cafe where we met Becky and attempted the recovery process.

We walked through the food markets, not sure if this was the best idea considering our delicate state.

Luckily there was nothing too offensive…if you don’t include the oxtails and pig faces.

Repulse bay seemed a good place to get some fresh air and a walk to blow the cobwebs away.

We walked all the way to the end where there is a really colorful temple. 

Will had put in a request for Thai food for the evening, personally, I’ve never had a Thai meal that was amazing (clearly been going to the wrong places!) so I was definitely up for having a Thai meal to change my mind. And it did.

I let everyone else order as I trusted they knew what they were doing. We had prawn pad Thai, garlic broccoli, beef massuman, and chicken krapow.
Only managed to get a photo of the pad Thai as it was so good we demolished it! 
Becky wanted to introduce us to Asian desserts. Which are unusual to say the least!

Becky’s choice of pumpkin soup was quite savory and could have easily been a starter, very yummy though. Will on the other hand managed to order the most obscure dessert on the menu, sorbet with grass jelly and ‘frog spawn’. 

This was us done for the evening and we all cwtched up on the sofa bed watching The Inbetweeners!
Very early start in the morning to head back to mine and Will’s final port of call, Hainan.

To Hong Kong

Now time for Hong Kong, we arrived in the afternoon and are staying with friends, who have given us very precise directions to their apartment.
Their apartment is amazing, and I am so grateful to be staying in a home not a hostel after the 10 hours on a bench!
Becky and Ed met us once they finished work and took us out to see Hong Kong.

We started our tour with a foot and head massage. After the Great Wall and Zhangjiajie mountain my feet needed some love!

Once we were all rubbed down and relaxed we head to the Star Ferry. Mist had settled over the islands, it still looked amazing to me.

The night markets were next.

Followed by some drinks and street-restaurant food.

Which lead to more drinks…

And a few more drinks, and ending up in a live music bar and Becky taking over for vocals…

Needless to say, it was an awesome night!