Touching a Kiwi

We had stayed in the Bunkdown hostel in Whangarei, where they told us about the Native Bird Recovery Centre, where you can actually touch a kiwi bird.
We thought an experience like this would cost quite a bit, but it’s only a $10 minimum donation to help keep the centre running.

This is Sparky, he was caught in a trap and lost his leg, he would have died in the wild, but here he has a full life, munching on worms and helping educate the children of New Zealand.

This was definitely one of he best experiences in New Zealand. Being so inexpensive too was a bonus for the budget traveler. 
Robert, the founder of the centre is full of facts and information, and his passion for the birds and their care shows. 
He found us worms to feed Sparky.

The centre helps all kinds of birds, the website even has a webcam to watch eggs hatching that have have been abandoned and rescued by the centre. 

I have included the link to the website as this was literally the best experience, and it helps injured animals.


Hanmer Springs

We were greeted with a cooked breakfast this morning, prepared lovingly by our host, Nick.
Set off for Hanmer Springs, it’s about a 2 hour drive away from Christchurch with some beautiful scenery along the way.

It was a hard day sitting in 38-40 degree hot spring pools. We did a few laps in the pool, but had more fun joining the kids on the lazy river!
Eventually dragging ourselves from the warmth of the springs we enjoyed a late lunch of fish and chips (fush and chups in kiwi) with the mountains as our backdrop.

Returning home to a roast chicken dinner (Nick looks after us!) we settled in for the evening and pretended to do some planning. 

New Zealand

Been offline for a bit, which has been nice. We are staying with Laura’s family friend, who is also letting us use his car for our travels too! 
After sleeping off the jet lag we were initiated into Kiwi life with drinks with some locals.

Even with our headaches in the morning we still got up and went for a walk to clear the cobwebs and get our bearings of the area.
We are planning on road tripping around the country which is the cheapest way to go, so camping supplies are needed!

Tried out our new wheels and it didn’t take long to fill the back full of camping crap, and discover the Kiwis like chocolate more than I do!

Sun is shining and we needed some sea air, Taylor’s Mistake was recommended to us.

Pomeroy’s bar for a few and met up with Alex who I know from back home! 

Yet another night drinking, New Zealand is a bad influence!