I couldn’t stay away from Laura too long. Just before I left she found out there were tickets available for the British Lions v the Blues…
She planted a seed.
Like a dog with a bone I found us some tickets and booked my flight back to see her! 

Happiest girls in the world right now!

Shameless self promotion! 

Although we lost, it was still an awesome atmosphere, incredible experience, and I am most definitely glad I stayed in New Zealand that little bit longer to be a part of it.

Laura suggested we stay behind after the game so we could meet the lions. Unfortunately, their egos must have been a little too bruised as they didn’t make an appearance, but we did meet some of the Blues!

Charlie Faumuina.

Sonny Bill Williams.

Scott Quinell, from Llanelli, back home! 

We have no idea who this guy is, and I’ve asked everyone I know, checked the Blues website, checked the Lions website-no idea! Answers on the back of a postcard if you know!

And last but not least, John Spencer the Tour manager. 
Just for the record, I learnt who all these people are by being here, I do not profess to know the first thing about rugby. I support Wales but wouldn’t know who they are if I bumped into them on the street!