Another amazing vista on our drive to Gisborne at TÅ«tira Lake.

One of the upsides to staying in a Top 10 campsite is they usually have a jumping pillow…

After exerting most of our energy bouncing around like kids we took on the challenge of walking the length of Poverty Bay.

It’s the equivalent to November weather here, but that didn’t stop us having a sea swim.

We ended walking over 10 miles and we still didn’t make it to the end of the beach!


Brief encounter with Bali

We started our day with breakfast in the Remix Juice bar, I had to try what they called ‘Nice Creamz’. 

I’m still not entirely sure what exactly went into it, but it tasted good, and is healthy and vegan! 
We had hoped to get a massage in today, the place we tried, twice, first told us they opened at 12 (the sign on the door says 10am) the second time they told us they could only do two of us which is useless when you’re a group of three. So they clearly didn’t want our money. 
We came to Warung dua to grab our last meal together (sniff).

On the walk back to the villa, there was another massage place, they were more than happy to rub our little feet! 

Boring packing, followed by a swim (we had packed our bikinis so, a skinny dip). 

We said farewell to Layla as she makes her way to Canggu for a few days before heading back to the U.K

Meanwhile Laura and I are onto greener pastures, in the form of New Zealand…