Only a short walk to see Whangarei falls, then a stroll around the town basin.

The local school kids had painted all the teams that will be taking part during the British Lion Tour.

I’d read about Mermaid pools in Matapouri bay. Bit of a climb to get there, especially in flip flops!

So worth it.

Crystal clear, lagoon-like pools were our reward for our trek.

The beach itself was alright too…

Had some fun playing with the slow-mo video.

This was mine and Laura’s last weekend together before I move onto my next travels, so naturally we had to have a drink to celebrate.

Didn’t take too many beers before we were subjected to unwanted male attention..

Naturally, not much sight seeing or even moving was done the day after.



Can’t believe we have nearly seen the whole of New Zealand! 
We finished off the Coromandel by hugging some Kauri trees. Some of these trees have been here for thousands of years so they are doing their best to conserve them.

Hugging them was my contribution to conservation.
Currently exploring the northlands, where there are a few sparsely populated villages.
Our first stop was Omamari, on the West coast. We stayed at a campsite overlooking the Kaiiwi lake.

After a pretty rough nights sleep in the back of the car (the temperature is starting to drop!) we head to another Kauri forest. We weren’t allowed to hug these trees.

These pictures can never show the sheer size of these giants.

From the Kauri forest we head up the coast to Maunganui Bluff. I took a walk on the beach and Laura explored the mountain. We both got soaked to the skin, I was wind and sand beaten, Laura covered in mud. The signs of a good walk! 

We dried off best we could in the car and continued north. 

We stopped in Opononi and found the only campsite available. This is where we learned there are very few towns. Luckily we had enough food to last until we found a store! 

At least there’s plenty of drinking water for us! 


Hit some traffic on the way to Taumarunui.

Staying with some friends of Laura’s on a farm here, and we were lucky enough to be taken sheep wrangling in the morning.

Clinging to the back of the quad bike while being taken up the mountains of the farm land.

As it’s clear today we can see mountains off in the distance.

Shearing time for some of these unsuspecting sheep.

More mountain exploring for Laura and I. Up Sunshine Track. I have no idea why it is called this, and so far it was the worst marked path we have had the pleasure of getting lost on!

In some areas it looks like rainforest, then the view from the top looked like a vista over some welsh hills.

This wasn’t enough for us! We had to walk up a mountain to complete our day!

I was basically on all fours going up and nearly on my butt on the way down! It was worth it for the views and invigorating feeling!
Beer time! 


Hawera is near Egmont National Park, which is home to Taranaki volcano.
The rain was torrential, luckily we could listen to it from the comfort of our motel room. Luxury for a few nights, a spa bath, a soft bed, a kitchen! All the simple pleasures!
The sun did put in an appearance the following day which allowed us to walk to the beach.

We did venture up the volcano, it was misty.

On a clear day you can probably see all the way to the sea. But not today.
Next destination Taumarunui. 


Camping life, I don’t even know how long we’ve been sleeping rough for! 

Wanaka has ice cream and lakes to offer.

Took an easy tramp around the lake (made it harder on ourselves by walking on the pebbles and shingle!)

Me attempting The Little Mermaid pose on a rock!

All the autumnal colors are bright as!


Tramping is what the Kiwis call hiking. We couldn’t have picked a better day, the rain was slashing down, the wind was whipping up. It was awesome! 

We pretty much got soaked through and head back to camp for lunch, a hot shower and me making Laura watch Twin Town. 
After disturbing Laura with some Welsh culture we went to play in the steampunk playground next door to our campsite.

All this playing made us thirsty so we head to Scott’s Brewery, indulged in a pint of ‘Vienna’. Went down rather nicely.

We met up with two people off couch surfing, one was a resident in the north island and invited us to stay with here when we head up there. Bonus!

Back in camp I put together ‘campsite fajitas’. A budget twist on my favorite! 

The blue penguins were due to make an appearance at the end of the harbor near where we are staying.

Can’t see much in the pic, but they were there, waddling and jumping up the rocks to make their way to their burrows for the night. We were watching them and Laura heard a snort behind us, there was a seal laying on the jetty right behind us!